Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post 7: Northern's Ham and Cheese's code

1. If a student loses his book, he shall be forced to write the whole book by paper and pencil.
2. If a student attacks a teacher, he shall be the teacher's pet (an actual pet).
3. If a student is late to a class without a pass, he shall receive a lash for every minute he is late.
4. If a student does drugs in school, his drugs shall be confiscated and he shall be forced to watch public service announcements for the whole day.
5. If a student attacks another student, they shall both be beaten by the principal.
6. If a student texts in class, his phone shall be crushed with a hammer and his/her hands shall be hit with a ruler multiple times.
7. If a student cheats on a test, his test shall be thrown away and the student will receive a 0 and a lash for the amount of times he has been caught cheating.
8. If a student vandalizes a computer, he shall be forced to fix it. If he cannot he will be forced to buy a new computer.
9. If a student goes home early without a reason, he shall be forced to come to school early.
10. If a student skips a class, his legs shall be cut off making him unable to "skip"
11. If a student steals a school owned item, his hands shall be cut off.
12. If a student disobeys the Ham and Cheese's code, a man in a ham and cheese outfit will attack him/her.

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