Thursday, March 24, 2011


Although Athens and Sparta were both located in Greece, their society and culture greatly differed. Athens depended both on trade and agriculture; whereas, Sparta was solely based upon agriculture. Because of this, Sparta was very isolated and laid back. On the other hand, Athens was very outgoing and active in open relations with other city-states. Athens did not require military service; therefore, they were not very heavily armed with men; whereas, Sparta required mandatory military enrollment.

I would have liked to Sparta because they seem to have a more organized city-state. No problems could occur as they were both self-sufficient and well armed. Living the life of a Spartan would make me feel as though I contributed to the society and everyone in the city-state needs to work hard enough to gather enough food and resources. Also living in Sparta would allow me to shout "THIS IS SPARTA."

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